Why Wooden Nickels and Plastic Tokens?


Custom Printed Wooden Nickels and Plastic Tokens
Create Opportunities

The Time Proven Wooden Nickel. What an Ice Breaker!
Wooden Nickel Advertising is remembered.

A Better sales tool for:
-Sales Promotions
-Events, Festivals
-Unique Business Cards
-Tokens for admissions
-Rain checks
-Free pass
-Free beverage promotions

What is old is new again.

More and more businesses are using wooden nickels every day in their prospecting for new customers. You should too. Let us help you aggressively work your business. Using wooden nickels daily will help to increase the number of prospects you receive. More opportunity means more dollars in your pocket!

Despite the old admonition "Don't Take any Wooden Nickels," people actually love to get them, keep them and show them to friends. Great as business cards for your business, they'll ensure your message will be read over and over.

In addition, in spite of the low cost, they command attention. Wooden nickels generate interest, tremendous interest. Just carry them around in your pocket. Approaching a prospect for the first time, ask them, "Hey, have you ever thought about (insert your business here) when you got around to it?" Who's going to say no? When they say yes, hand them your "Round Tuit" wooden nickel, and say, "Well, NOW you've got a round tuit! Call me!"

Tired of wasting your advertising budget on flyers, expensive brochures, and other high priced ways to promote your business...knowing that they often end up in the trash? Then select an advertising item that is UNIQUE, isn't tossed out, gets passed around to friends and customers, and in time - becomes a collector item...WOODEN NICKELS!

So, whether you're looking for a catchy business card or just trying to get your message out, the round TUIT wooden nickels are the most interesting and least expensive method to get and retain people's attention! Order Today!

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