Ordering Help


Ordering is easy at ITuit.com. Simply choose your wooden nickel or plastic token, as well as the options you would prefer. You may also type any special instructions if necessary.

We accept all major credit cards such as MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover, as well as Paypal and Venmo.


Where do I type my custom imprint information?

You will type your actual imprint information later in the checkout process. You must first add an item to your shopping cart, and proceed with checking out. Before checking out, you will be given a box to type all of your custom imprint details along with any special instructions you feel will help us produce the order. If we have any questions about your order, rest assured, we will contact you.

Logos & Artwork Info

If you have your own logo or artwork that you would like to put on your wooden nickel or plastic token, you will need to provide us the artwork (crisp black & white images only) by email. Please note that images with screens or fine details do not tend to reproduce well.

We prefer files in the following formats:

.ai, .eps, .pdf, .svg, .png, .jpg

Vector files always preferred. Files that are not vector need to be very high resolution. Please remember to include all fonts or convert to outlines if applicable.

If you are unsure, simply email your artwork to us before submitting your order, and ask us if we can use it. Don't be afraid it is not good enough. We are experts at making it work and producing a great looking wooden nickel or plastic token. We will reply back with our approval or suggestions.

For best results, please make sure your graphic is a minimum resolution of 150 dpi. Also, your image may be larger than it will appear on the wooden nickel. If we have to enlarge your artwork, resolution will be lost, resulting in a poorer quality image. Reducing is always better than enlarging. If you are submitting a vector-based image (such as an Adobe Illustrator file), please be sure all type is converted to outlines (may also be called paths). All images should be black and white only! Upon ordering, your will receive an order confirmation. Please reply to this email with your artwork attached.

Need some clipart for your order? Ask us! For only $10 per image, we will supply you with an image from our extensive clipart library.

What is curved copy?

Curved copy is simply curved text as opposed to straight text. For an example of curved copy in one of our stock patterns, view #7, Lucky Wooden Nickel. The word Lucky would be curved copy on the top of the coin, and Wooden Nickel would be referred to as curved copy on the bottom of the coin. Note if curved copy is part of artwork you are providing us, you do not have to add the curved copy charge. Simply add for the logo charge only. The curved copy fee is only applicable when we typeset the curved text for you.

Printing Variances

We are experts at taking your idea and making it a reality on these wooden nickels and plastic tokens. We will make it look great.

Please remember that we are printing on wood and hot stamping on plastic, not paper, for example, and certain variances have to be allowed. We will try to center your information and stock designs on the surface as best we can during production; however, due to the nature of the printing process, there will be some slight variances of placement from nickel to nickel.

Also, please note, due to the production process involved, the imprint on the reverse side cannot be aligned in any way to the other side's imprint on wooden nickels. The placement will purely be random on how it is imprinted on the other side. This is industry acceptable, and we cannot waiver from this production process.

We can, however, align sides when producing plastic tokens, for an additional charge. Plastic tokens are imprinted via a different process, and will allow for alignment when necessary. You may request alignment when you are choosing your options on your order.

Again, we will always do the best possible job for you. Our many customers who regularly repeat order should be testament to that.

Quantity Variances

Due to the production methods of wooden nickels and plastic tokens, it is not possible to count out the exact quantity that your order calls for. Through experience, we know how much a certain quantity weighs and that is how we "count". This is an industry acceptable practice and orders can vary up to 2%, up or down. Most orders will be within 1% and probably over. Rest assured, we try to not to short any order.

Size Variances

Our wooden nickels are cut to 1-1/2" diameter, and are approximately 1/8" inch thickness. It is reasonable to assume that minute variances in size can and will occur due to the nature of wood. Our wooden nickels are intended for promotional use only and may not be suitable for all applications where an exact diameter or thickness measurement is required. These discrepancies would be undetectable to the eye. These negligible variations are also accepted within our industry. PromoteSource will not offer refunds on wooden nickels based on any microscopic size variation from token to token.

Proof Policy

Our very competitive prices include with every order, one free proof, with one revision, if needed, for a total of two proofs. If, on the rare occasion, you wish to change the proof for a third time, we will be happy to make whatever changes you wish; however, additional proofs will be billed at $8.00 per proof.

Our experience tells us that an order very rarely requires more than one or two proofs, but we know the occasional design change is certainly warranted and hope this policy will help with those times when multiple proofs are absolutely necessary.

Remember, if there are any changes please note them on the proof. All errors or omissions on approved proofs will be the responsibility of the customer, not PromoteSource. Your approval constitutes acceptance of the order.

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us!